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Our operation which was founded for GRP speed engine, signboard and illuminated sign by Hamza Paçacı who is our founder forty years ago determined steel construction supported production of gypsum plasterboard and shutter as a major business area in the following years, and afterwards was named “Üçgen Yapı Süsleme Merkezi” in a commercial field having 5000 m2 open 3500 m2 closed space in 1997 as a result of our attentive Works which the sector had needed. At the present time, it has been going on its operations as a family corporation with the new generation in the past fifteen years.


It has accomplished the decoration of approximately 800 buildings by using the precast fitting technique by adding the decoration of facade to its Works with the developing construction sector. Moreover, it is made applications with the fiberglass to all kinds of special projects related to the decoration such as the decoration of hotel entrance, shopping mall, client greeting banks, moving pools, seated and moving pots, skirting board, handrail, hollow newel, wall ceiling, bulkhead, gender, column, inner and outer decoration of the places such as shopping mall and hotel.





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Meclis Mah. Teraziler Cad. No:33/4 34785 Sancaktepe/İstanbul



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